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Why You Shouldn’t Focus on Competitors

Man walking over the maze of business confusionMotivational speaker Jim Rohn says that “you have to work harder on yourself than you do on your job”.  The lesson is simple, if we are constantly and consistently striving to improve the value we provide our customers, we will be rewarded with a loyal customer base that will quickly lead to our success.

Unfortunately most businesses tend to react to the competition.  When we are spending all of our time focusing on the competition we lose sight of what our real goal is.  That’s servicing our customers.  When we lose that focus the area that suffers tends to be our customer service.

So if we look closely our true competition isn’t really external but internal.  All we have to do is look in the mirror.

You don’t win a golf tournament or a swim or track competition by out strategizing your opponent.  You win by improving your individual and team performance.  This concept applies to businesses as well as individuals.

Don’t marginalize your business or yourself competing against your competitors.  You need to constantly compete against yourself to improve your individual and team performance.  Your goal is to provide more value and service to your clients.  With this as our focus our competition will soon marginalize itself.

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