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What is success? – The 5 Keys to understanding success

SuccessIf you go the book store or surf amazon.com business section, you can find literally thousands of books that claim the “Secrets of Success”.  I would like to say that with so many books on the subject, it shouldn’t be a secret anymore.

One of the best definitions of success that I ever heard came from Tom Hopkin’s.  “Success is the continuous journey towards the achievement of pre-determined, worthwhile goals”.

Let’s take a closer look at the meaning of this power sentence.

  1. Continuous Journey — Success doesn’t happen overnight.  You don’t just wake up and say, “Wow, I made it today.  I’m a success”. Being a success is not a destination but a continuous process or journey.
  2. Towards – Unsuccessful people seem to be running from something.  They are trying not to fail.  Successful people are always moving towards what they want.
  3. Achievement – The key here is that success is not just one achievement, but a series of small achievements along your journey.  Most people say they will “try” to do or accomplish something.  What they are really saying is that I’m going to try it until it’s too hard, and then I will stop.
  4. Pre-determined – If you don’t’ know where you are going any road could get you there.  Most people rush through life climbing the ladder of success and realize once at the top, they climbed the wrong ladder.  Simply put, to be successful you first need to know where you are going.
  5. Worthwhile Goals – The reason most of us don’t reach our goals is that they were not worthwhile goals, though we might have thought they were important to us.  There is a difference between goals that are “I like to have” and “I gotta have”.  We tend to reach our “gotta have” goals because they are more important and worthwhile.  When we set a goal that is truly important to us they we will do whatever is in our power to reach it.  If we find ourselves doing other things instead of working on our goals, we have made a choice that these other activities are more important than reaching our goals.

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