Trying to Be Different? Six questions you must ask yourself first

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Everyone talks about selling on value and not price but it seems that we all tend to fall back on price because we truly don’t know how to differentiate our business from our competitors.

The difference between selling your products or service based on price or value is your ability to create a Niche for yourself. At ActionCOACH our definition of Niche is “No Price Competition”.

At ActionCOACH we have a system that we use to coach our clients through a process to help them determine their USP, their unique selling proposition. You can begin by asking yourself these 6 questions.

  1. What makes you special?
    To determine what makes you special you have to really understand what the client really wants.  Now determine what is it that you do that can deliver “what the client really wants” in a meaningful way to your client?
  2. Can you explain it to your customer in a way that they understand how it helps them?
    If you are selling the best widget that fits your client’s need perfectly, if you can’t communicate it in a way they understand, it won’t make a difference.
  3. Does your prospect know why they should buy from you?
    Don’t tell me customer service!  Everyone says they have the best service.  You have to prove it to me.  Make sure they truly know what makes “you” different from the guy down the street selling the same product or service.
  4. What do you do better than your competition?
    If I ask you why I should buy from you instead of your competition you better be ready to give me 5 real reasons immediately.  After you come up with those 5 you have to ask yourself, “Could my competitors be saying the same thing” (i.e., we offer great service).  If the the answer is yes, you better be ready to prove it beyond a shadow of doubt.  The best way to do that is through stories of how you deliver “excellent service” or are “problem solvers”.
  5. How is your competition better than you?
    Once you understand their strengths try not to battle them head on unless you have the resources to do so.
  6. What is your written guarantee that promises that you will perform as promised?
    A strong guarantee will help lower your prospects resistance to do business with you at a higher price.  With a strong enough guarantee you can force your competitors to change the way they do business.

Free Coaching SessionClick here if you are interested in a ½ hour phone marketing coaching session  to  get clarity on your unique selling proposition.


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