The Planning Process is More Important than the Plan

Goal SettingWritten plans are an important part of your business success.  You might be saying, “What do I need a plan for?”,  or “I’ve been through the planning process before, why do I need to create another plan” or ”I’ve been to an ActionCOACH GrowthCLUB planning day before, I can create my own plan, why should I go again?”.  First let me share the results of a study conducted by Inc Magazine?

A group of businesses was selected, the 1st group created action plans of what they needed to achieve in their business, the 2nd group just reacted to the events as they occurred in the day to day operations of their business.  A few year later, they went back to look at the success of those businesses.  As you might have guessed the group that planned was vastly more success than the 2nd group.  The group that was “too busy and “winged it” everyday and did not plan, were almost all floundering, bankrupt, or out of business.

What they found was that the successful group didn’t necessarily look at their plan every day but it was just the act of taking the time to plan that made the difference. Brian Tracy in his book Goals!, says the lesson is simple with the 6 P’s… Proper – Prior – Planning – Prevents – Poor – Performance

Here are 7 reasons you should act now and participate in one of ActionCOACH’s GrowthCLUB planning days…..

  1. It will force you to organize your thinking to focus on all issues that you will need to deal with over the next 90 days
  2. It will allow you to think through what you must do to accomplish your goals which will allow you to plan your actions carefully before you begin.  This will save you enormously in terms of time, money, & people.
  3. You will learn what questions to ask that will allow you to discuss and evaluate your plan to identify flaws & errors that could prove fatal to your business.
  4. You will be able to identify weaknesses in your plan and learn provisions to compensate
  5. You will be able to identify strengths and new potential opportunities that you can take advantage of to increase the likelihood of success.
  6. You will be able to focus your time and money to focus your resources on the 1-2 objectives that you must achieve to make your business successful over the next 90 days.
  7. It will save you hours- weeks-months of confusion, mistakes, and losses of your money, time, & energy.

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