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Here’s some business advice… To grow your business, Stop Working!

To get your business working for you, you need to build better business systems.  It’s all about taking the experience and expertise that you have locked up in your head and making it accessible to your team so they can internalize it, to do it exactly the way you do.

Think of your systems as your team’s playbook.  Each team player needs to understand their role and how they can contribute to the team.  An important point to remember is that you can’t hold them accountable until they feel they own that task or responsibility.

Team stands for “Together Everyone Achieves More“.  Not everyone can be the quarterback or the running back.  Without an offensive line that understands their roles and responsibilities the team’s offense (your sales) will go nowhere.  But if the whole team is aligned to the goal of scoring a touchdown, (making the sale) each team member can take ownership of their role in achieving that goal.  It now makes it easier to hold them accountable to the results that are expected

One of the biggest bottlenecks to business growth is the business owner.   If the business owner doesn’t learn to let go of the everyday tasks of “doing” the business, he or she will be limited to their own time and expertise.  It’s true that in certain cases and in certain people that could go a long way, but it could be very slow.

Most business owners are afraid to let go because they feel they can do the task better than an employee.  Here’s a flash… You can.

Think of when you started, were you as efficient as you are today in doing those tasks, of course not.  Did someone teach you or did you learn it through trial and error, learning from each mistake you made?  Having a mentor teach you a proper way of doing a task saves time, reduces mistakes, and increases profitability.  It is always more efficient, effective, and profitable to learn the proper way of doing a task than by learning through trial and error.

To stop doing the work of the business and start running your business you need to take ownership of delegating a task to employee.  Don’t set them up to fail.  As I mentioned previously, it’s all about taking the experience and expertise that you have locked up in your head and making it accessible to your team so they can internalize it, so they can do it exactly the way you do.  If you don’t write it down and systematize it you are destined to do it forever.

To grow your business, you must stop doing the work of the business and start letting the business do the work for you.   As the business owner you must now learn to run and lead the business not do the work of the business.  By doing this you will begin to create a commercial, profitable business, that can work without you.

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