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Do you own a Black Belt Business?

What does it mean to earn a black belt in any of the various styles of martial arts?  Whatfirst comes to mind is that of a trained killer.  But martial arts training is a lot more than that.  In addition to being a form of self-defense and exercise, it’s a philosophy or a way of life.

I got involved in the martial arts at a very early age but didn’t receive my Black Belt in Tang Soo Do Karate until I was almost 30.  I found that it was not only a great form of exercise and self defense but it also taught me lessons in how to survive in the battles of business and life.  But when I look back what I really learned was the importance of goal setting, focus, determination, and the use systems.

do you own a black belt business

Each martial art has a series of belts or levels that each student strives to reach before they can become a black belt.  This systematized approach provides students a process to gain mastery over a particular level of skills before moving on to the next level.  This shows the importance of not only setting end goals but milestones along the way to keep you on track.

My sensei (Karate instructor) taught me that before you can become a black belt, that each level you reach you are just learning Karate but once you become a black belt you are now doing Karate.  Once you reach this level you now have the knowledge and wisdom to apply what you have learned.  The journey doesn’t stop there.  There are new goals and milestones as you reach for the higher levels of being a black belt.

As a business coach I have found that this same systematized approached can also be applied to business.  When do you get your black belt in business?  When are you “doing” business instead of learning business?  At ActionCOACH we have a definition for this, “A commercial profitable enterprise that can work without you the business owner”.  Let’s take a look at the 6 belts you must master before you can be a black belt in business.

White Belt: At this level the emphasis is on basic business mastery over time, team, & money.  It’s about getting the chaos out of your business.  It’s about making sure you can make payroll and that your employees understand their roles & responsibility in your organization.  It’s where you learn to delegate tasks to your team, so you can concentrate on developing higher level skills needed to obtain your business black belt.

Yellow Belt: This is where you work on creating predicable cash flow in the business.  You develop your Niche and USP (unique selling proposition) so you can start selling on value and not price.

Green Belt: At this level you are working on creating efficiencies in your business.  You are starting to develop systems that will run your business so you don’t have to.

Blue Belt: Here we are learning how to get the right people “on the bus”, how to get the right team players, and who will run your systems that will run your business.

Red Belt: This is where we start to see all your hard work come together.  You’ll start to see the synergies of your systems and team you develop.  This is where you start grooming your general manager who will replace you in your business.

Black Belt: Now you’ve made it! You’ve created a commercial profitable enterprise that works without you. You are now an entrepreneur a business black belt.  You are now generating passive income from the business.  You can now take the skills and knowledge that you have learned and apply them to other businesses or start investing your profits so that your money is making money.

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