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Business Advice: Get Out of Your Box – Learn Something New

As a business owner do you sometimes feel boxed in?  You want to grow your business but there seems to be an artificial ceiling that is holding you back?

Or maybe you’ve been looking for new ideas and strategies but for some reason you keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results?

Or maybe still, your employees seem to be working for themselves instead of for you and you want to get more from them but something is holding them back?

It’s time to take control of what you’ve worked so hard to achieve…your business.  What are you doing differently now, today, this minute, to get new perspectives and new ideas to grow your employees and your business.

A wise man once said, the difference between where you are now and where you will be in 5 years, will be the books you read, the workshops & classes you attend, and the people you meet.  To break out of your box, you need to take massive action in your learning now.

Successful people continuously work harder on themselves because its stimulates their brain for new ideas.  If you are focused and clear on what you want and the outcomes you desire, you then need to feed your brain to generate the breakthrough ideas you are looking for to get the results you desire!

Here are 8 things you can do now to take massive action in your learning…

  1. Schedule time in your calendar every day for 1 or more of the following items
  2. Read a book a month –  I’ve downloaded the Kindle App onto my phone.  It makes reading easy.  My books are with me where ever I go.
  3. Subscribe to magazines – both industry and non-industry related.
  4. Listen to 2 audio books a month.  I use  Each month I down load 2 books with access on my phone, tablet, on or the web.  It can’t get much easier than that.  I’m listening on my way to and from work or appointments.  Turn your downtime into massive learning time.
  5. Set up an RSS Feed to your computer or table or phone to bring you articles and blogs of interest. Both  Google Reader and Google Currents work great for me.
  6. Pick 1 area that you want to improve and search the Internet for  ,a workshop to attend.  Webinars are great but I feel you learn so much more by attending workshops and seminars live.  Look for workshops out of town.  Changing your environment with help in changing your thinking and connections.
  7. Search LinkedIn and Facebook events or the Small Business Development Council or your Chamber of Commerce for additional seminars and workshops
  8. Have a mentor or coach to learn from
  9. BONUS – Check out the events tab on my blog or website for my latest free seminars and workshops

The vision of ActionCOACH is to create world abundance through business re-education. If you are frutrated with where you are in your business, I suggest that you attend our next free seminar in Jacksonville is March 15th.

At this seminar I’ll be sharing some of our best business practices that have helped our clients all over the world to get their business working for them instead of them have to work their business.

To register for our seminar on March 15th CLICK HERE NOW.

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