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Business Advice: Change your Attitude – Change your Success

Everywhere you go today all you hear is how the bad the economy is doing.  It’s true that there are many people out of work and business growth is moving at a snail’s pace if not at all.  But!, there are many opportunities to be had, we just have to open our eyes.  As the saying goes, it’s always the darkest before the dawn.

My business mentor Brad Sugars and founder of ActionCOACH says that attitude is the #1 thing that helps get business owners into trouble.

You might be asking yourself, how can my attitude change the economy?  In every situation you can find good and bad.  The fact is some of the biggest fortunes have been made in a down economy.  This happens not because people were sitting around with their friends complaining how bad things “really” are but because they kept their eyes opened and focused on the things that were in their control.  So even in this economy, there are big opportunities to be found for a properly run company if approached correctly.

The way we keep our eyes open is by having the proper attitude.  At ActionCOACH we say that you choose your attitude by choosing to act Above the line or Below the line.  Attitude is a choice.

When we act Below the Line we are Blaming others, coming up with Excuses, or we might be in Denial that we might be part of the problem.

When we act Above the Line, we are taking Ownership of the problems or opportunities that come our way, we are Accountable for results and most importantly we are Responsible for our actions.

Almost at every given moment, at every encounter, we make the decision to act Above the Line or Below the Line.  So, how do we choose to act above or below the line?  We choose our attitude and how we act by the questions we ask ourselves.

When a situation or opportunity arises or there is a problem, do you find yourself asking these types of questions…

Whose fault is it?  How can I prove that I’m right?  Why bother?  Is this person clueless?

Or are you asking yourself these types of questions…

What’s working?  What are the facts?  What are my choices?  What’s possible?  What can I learn?

The first set of questions will take you down the past of acting below the line and the second set of questions will take you up the path of acting above the line.

Unfortunately being human will lead us down the path to acting below the line from time to time.  The challenge is to recognize that we are acting below the line and switch our direction and start heading in a positive direction by acting above the line.

The switching tool that we use to go from acting below the line to acting above the line is our questions.

We begin the switching process by recognizing the types of questions we are asking ourselves.  Are we acting below the line?   Then, we need to step back to look at our situation objectively and start asking ourselves…What assumptions am I making?  Do I have all the facts?  What choices do I have?

These are simple but powerful and productive questions that can quickly change your attitude and your success in life.

By following these simple steps you will soon see that you’ll be looking at each situation differently and with a new attitude.  After that the possibilities are endless.

Until we meet up again, make it a profitable day…


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