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Business Advice: Ad Value by Differentiating Yourself

Just about everyone I’m talking to is searching for more new business.  Just a few years ago there was so much “low hanging fruit” it didn’t take much effort to make a sale.

In today’s business climate just showing up doesn’t cut it any more.  Businesses that are marketing and selling as they did in the past are finding more and more pressure to sell on price.

Successfully entrepreneurs know that though price is a main factor but value is more important.  One way to add value to your product or service is by differentiating yourself.  Not just your product or service but yourself.

When you come right down to it, the biggest difference between you and your competition is yourself.

To differentiate yourself you need to ask yourself 5 basic questions…

  1. What makes you special?
  2. Can you explain it to your customers?
  3. Why should I buy from you?
  4. What do you do better than your competition?
  5. How is your competition better?

It’s surprising how many of us can’t answer these questions at a drop of a dime?  Until we do, we will continue to  battle on price instead of showing our prospects how we can provide them with the value they want.


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