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Are you re-active or pro-active in your business?

Hand holding plant representing business growth When I go out and speak with business owners I hear a lot of mixed comments.  Unfortunately, most are complaining about how bad things are and how their competition is under cutting the market.

At the same time many businesses are not sitting back and waiting to see what’s going to happen, they are being pro-active.

Just think, if you can get just a few % points of all the business that is happening in your industry here in Jacksonville, what would that mean to your business?  When I ask that question to business owners, the response I get is that is probably more business than I can handle right now.  Now isn’t that interesting.

If that’s the case, why do most businesses do nothing to get their “unfair” share of the business that’s out there?  Why do they think by using their same old ideas that they are going to get different results in this new economy?  Why do they let their sales people chase after clients like a sick puppy and do nothing about it?

The main reason is that they are re-acting to the market instead of creating a plan with new goals, strategies, and tactics that will get them different results.

Your business can be thriving today!  One of my clients just reported to me today that their YTD  revenues have increased 15% and at the same time profits have increased 70%.  A lot of their competition has not it made thru this economy.  They did not make it because they did not have a plan and they were re-acting to the market place instead of being pro-active.  My clients succeed because they have a plan and are pro-active.

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