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Are you an Agent of Change?

A man walks into a psychiatrist’s office.  “Doc, every time I see nickels, dimes, and quarters, I have a panic attack!  What can the problem be?

“Oh that’s easy” the doctor answers. “You’re just afraid of change”.

How many of us go through life virtually paralyzed because we are afraid of change, to try something new or different.

This fear keeps us from expanding our growth, knowledge, and success and limits our lot in life.

To break out of this cycle of fear we need to understand what fear really is.

Here’s two explanations of what fear really stands for;





So how do we change or how can we be a change agent for others?

If someone is satisfied with their lives, will they change?  No, because they are satisfied.

If someone is unfit, overweight, or unhealthy, but they are satisfied with that, they are still unlikely to change.

Many of us have the ability to change the instant we become unhappy with our lives.

Others of us have to wait for a stroke or another disaster before we realize the need to change.

We see that there are two ends of the scale.  Some wait until the end and some change right at the beginning and some change just for the sake of change. Somewhere in there, there is a happy medium for you.

There is a simple formula that will allow us to understand the process of change and what we can do to affect positive changes in ourselves and in others.

(D x V) +FS > R

The “R” stands for resistance.  To overcome the resistance to change, what needs to be greater?  What can tip the scale to overcome our fear of change?  Let’s take a closer look.

The “D” in the formula stands for Dissatisfaction. Before you can change you have to have a level of dissatisfaction…

What builds dissatisfaction more than anything else?  “V” for Vision.

Let’s say that you are a kid living in an impoverished neighborhood. You don’t know any better life than that.  Are you dissatisfied with your life?  Not necessarily, you may be satisfied because you don’t know any better.

Why is it that when you are in business you need to consistently improve your business education?

Why do people hire a business coach or have a mentor, to help push them thru their comfort zone and to help them grow their vision.  They need help to look at what their next level is supposed to be.

Dissatisfaction takes a belief that there is something else out there.

One of the things I do as a business coach is to help my clients feel a level of dissatisfaction or discomfort, if they don’t do the work required to change.  Without a coach or a mentor you stay in your comfort zone because people don’t like feeling dissatisfied.  Dissatisfaction comes first but then we have to have vision and a belief that the vision is possible.

Those kids living in the impoverished neighborhoods can watch television and they can see other places in the world, but most have no belief that a different life is possible for them.  However, some do get a belief that it is possible.  Some of you reading this article are where you are today, because of the vision and the belief you had of a better life.  You believed it was possible.  That is why you have worked to make a better life for yourself.

My question is, how do we raise the dissatisfaction level for where you are now and how do we raise the vision of where you want to go?  Most of us are not experiencing change.

One of the fastest ways that I have found to raise people’s dissatisfaction is by having them write a check into their own investment accounts at the first of the month.  This check is from your business into your own investment or profit account.  An investment or profit account is an account that you can’t get direct access to.  If you take out $10,000, $5,000, $1,000 or even $100 a month, you then have little or no money left to pay the bills.

Is there going to be a level of dissatisfaction going on?  Absolutely!  How much harder are you going to work to pay off your creditor that calls you every day?  You have to create a vacuum that needs to be filled.  You have to start stretching yourself and expanding out of your comfort zones.

The next step of the equation is “FS” which stands for First Steps.

We have dissatisfaction, we’ve created a vision of what we want, but we don’t know how to start.

This is where a mentor or a coach can help.

Don’t look at eating the whole elephant all at once, just take it on one bite at a time.  Lee Iaacoca, states that the discipline of writing something down is the first step toward making it happen.  Take the time to write out your plan and break it into bite size chunks and get into Action.

By doing so, you will begin to break through the barriers in your life and stretch your comfort zone to reach a level of success you’ve only dreamed of.  Use this formula not only to help facilitate change in your life but to be an agent of change in the life of others.  Help them to understand and qualify their dissatisfaction, help them to build their vision what they want to achieve, and finally give them the first steps to move toward that goal.

By following this simple formula you can truly become an agent of change in your life as well as the life of others.

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