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4 Tips to get Your Business to Serve You

Do you feel that you are working to the point of exhaustion in your business and don’t feel like you are getting any where?  You are not alone.  Many business owners suffer from the same business disease of working “in” and not “on” their business.

Frustrated ManMost business owners don’t know how to break this cycle even if they recognize these symptoms.  The first step to fixing a problem is to understand the problem, so let me explain.  Most business owners spend a majority of their time working in their business; doing sales & marketing, invoicing & billing, paying bills, and servicing customers.  Then, what ever work they can’t do, they hire employees to fill the gap.Working relaxed watching the sun go down

Because there is only so much one human being can possibly do, you quickly get burnt out and become less efficient and effective in doing these tasks.  This is why you feel like you are working harder and harder but getting no where.

  1. Be a Leader
    Your first step to working “on” the business is having the understanding that as business owner you need to be the leader, not the worker bee.  You need to stop doing the work of the business and let the business begin to do the work.
  2. Serve Your Team
    As a business owner and leader your task is to develop and serve your team.  You serve them by training them; providing them benefits, and holding them accountable to the results you expect of them.  You must help them to grow so your business can grow.
  3. Team Serves Your Customers
    By inspiring & encouraging your team, they will in turn inspire and serve your customer.  They will serve your customers by providing excellent service and being problems solvers.  Your team will focus on their customers needs and become their trusted advisors.
  4. Customers Serve Your Business
    Your customers will now be inspired to serve your business by buying more products and referring others.  This will allow your business to now start serving you the business owner.

Start now! Begin by creating and implementing a plan to train and develop your team so they can serve your customers.  This will in turn get your customers to start serving your business and finally getting your business to serve you.  In this way you will because the master of your business instead of a slave to it.

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