3 Tips to Accelerate Your Business

Speedometer represent the speed of business growthI was listening the other day to Brad Sugar’s Master Mentor Series where he was interviewing Keith Cunningham.  Keith is a business profitability expert who is responsible for writing the course seminar that world-renowned Robert Kiyosaki turned into the best selling book Rich Dad, Poor Dad.  Of the many gems I received from listening to this interview, I would like to share one with you.

Most of us would agree that our business isn’t growing as fast as we would like.  In fact if we had to describe the speed of our growth we would compare it to the speed of a tricycle.  Most of us are peddling away as fast as we can, but on a tricycle we can only peddle just so fast and to stay at that fast pace takes a lot of energy.

So what can we do to increase our business growth from the pace of the tricycle to that of an automobile or jet airplane?  We need to add systems, dials, & knowledge.

  1. Systems – When we look at a tricycle it has only 3 systems to make it move; a steering system, a 3 wheel system, and a peddling system.  None of these systems need to be monitored or need much knowledge to operate.  In fact these systems are so simple even a “caveman”, sorry, I mean a 2 or 3 year can operate it.  What allows an automobile or jet to move fast? It has systems.  No longer is our acceleration powered solely by our effort, but by using an automobile or jet we are using systems to accelerate our growth but using less energy on our part.
  2. Dials – If our systems are not working properly, we may not be moving at all or it may even lead to an accident or someone’s death.  To prevent system failure, we need dials or a dashboard to monitor our speed and acceleration because if we are moving at the speed of a jet and we make a mistake, it could lead to some serious consequences.
  3. Knowledge – As we mentioned above, just about anyone can ride a tricycle.  It doesn’t take much knowledge or training compared to that of an automobile or jet.  However, just having a pilot’s license isn’t enough to make you qualified to fly jets.  You need continuous and more strenuous training.

In summary to move your business ahead at jet speed, you need to:

  1. Create new or improve the systems that you have. Remember, the reason a jet moves faster than a propelled aircraft is its systems.
  2. Create a dashboard of KPI’s (smart numbers) in your business to monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of your system.  If not, you might be in spiral spin downward and won’t know about it until you crash.
  3. Continuously increase the knowledge of you and your team to run your systems better.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section below…

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