3 Elements of a Successful Marketing Campaign

Newspaper - Extra, ExtraSomeone once told me that to be successful that sometimes you have to slow down to speed up. This is definitely true when it comes to advertising and marketing.

In my opinion a lot of marketing and advertising for small and medium sized businesses are not successful because businesses don’t take the time to focus and give the appropriate time to the 3 main elements of successful marketing campaign. Even when we do focus on these 3 elements, we tend to spend too much time on the least important aspect.

The 3 elements in order of importance are: 1) Target 2) Offer 3) Copy

Too many times marketers will devote too much time to the writing of copy and spend too little time determining who the copy is suppose to be talking to and if the offer is something the target really wants.

In reality you should spend

  • 60% of your time determining who your target audience is and where can you find them.
  • 40% of your time determining what your target wants, what to offer them, and why they would want to buy your offer.
  • 10% of your time determining how you will communicate your offer to your target and how you want them to respond.

By taking the appropriate time in each of these areas of Target-Offer-Copy you will speed up the success of your campaign and your business.

Wishing you much success,

Coach Steve

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